General F.A.Q

Absolutely, we love to hear the final songs on our beats! Reach out to us at info@tellingbeatzz.com or via social media.

If you need further information you are more than welcome to contact us at info@tellingbeatzz.com or via social media.

Tellingbeatzz.com is a place to shop, download and buy licenses to beats and instrumentals.

Our website is secure and safe and checked for viruses and malware on a daily basis. Furthermore, your privacy is protected and any information stored on this website is used solely for our personal use. We will never send out your information to a third party without your consent.

Beat F.A.Q

You can buy beats from the website by using the beat store on the front page or via the navigation by clicking on the “beats” item. 

Basic licenses include the untagged beat(s) in .mp3 or .wav format and your license agreement(s). Premium and unlimited licenses include the untagged beat(s) in .wav format, trackouts / stems in .wav format and your license agreement(s).

You will receive your files as download links immediately after purchase via e-mail.

Trackouts or Stems are the individual instrument layers/tracks of the beat i.e. bass, kick, snare, piano, etc. Usually provided as 24bit.wav files to give you or your engineer complete flexibilty in the mixing process or to further customize (adding instruments) or enhance (changing the arrangement) the production.

In our case, royalty-free means, that once you’ve licensed an instrumental, it is free to use and there are no additional royalty charges.

Yes, as long as you stay within the license terms, you are allowed to use it.

Yes, we do offer custom productions starting at $900. If this is within your budget, reach out to me at info@tellingbeatzz.com so we can further discuss your project.

We do offer stereo mastering, stems mastering, and beat-mixing but we don’t offer vocal stem mixing at this point. If you are interested contact me at  info@tellingbeatzz.com

Payments F.A.Q

We currently accept PayPal, Debit, and Credit Card payments as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Can I buy a beat exclusively and how does it work?

If you want to purchase the exclusive rights to a beat, reach out to us at info@tellingbeatzz.com or send me an offer directly via the player on the frontpage.