Best Phone Apps to Record Vocals to Beats in 2024
Phone Apps, Recording Vocals 2024

Best Phone Apps to Record Vocals to Beats in 2024

Creating high-quality vocal recordings over beats using a smartphone has become increasingly accessible, thanks to a variety of innovative apps. These apps cater to musicians, rappers, and singers who want to produce music on the go. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best apps available for recording vocals to beats, including OffTop, Rapchat, BeatStars, Voloco, and others. Each app offers unique features and tools, making it easier for artists to express their creativity without the need for expensive studio equipment.

OffTop: Record & Rap on Beats

OffTop is a mobile app designed for rappers and singers to write and record over beats. It offers a wide range of instrumental tracks across different genres, providing a platform for artists to practice their craft, discover new beats, and collaborate with producers. Users can record their vocals in real-time, edit their verses, and share their creations with a community of like-minded artists.

Key Features:

  • A vast library of high-quality beats.
  • Real-time recording and lyric writing.
  • Easy sharing and collaboration features.

Resource: For more detailed information about OffTop and its features, you can visit the OffTop website or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Rapchat: Make a Hit Song

Rapchat is another popular app that enables users to record songs over beats, offering tools for auto vocal tuning, mastering, and beat selection. It’s designed to make the recording process as simple as possible, allowing users to create and share their music directly from their phone. With a community of over 7 million users, Rapchat also provides a platform for discovering and connecting with other artists.

Key Features:

  • An extensive collection of free beats.
  • Auto vocal tuning and song mastering.
  • Social features for sharing and discovering music.

Resource: For additional information on Rapchat, including tutorials and user reviews, check out the Rapchat website or find it on the App Store and Google Play.

BeatStars: Discover Beats & Vocals

BeatStars is a comprehensive platform for finding beats, recording vocals, and publishing music. It’s not just an app for recording; it’s also a marketplace where artists can buy, sell, and license beats. BeatStars offers a wide variety of instrumental tracks from producers worldwide, making it easy for singers and rappers to find the perfect beat for their next project.

Key Features:

  • A vast marketplace of beats from global producers.
  • Tools for recording and editing vocals.
  • Options for monetizing your music.

Resource: Visit the BeatStars website or download its app from the App Store or Google Play for more information on its features and community.

Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony

Voloco is a real-time voice-processing app that combines automatic tuning, harmony, and vocoding. It’s designed for users who want to experiment with their vocals and apply studio-quality effects without needing complex software. Voloco allows artists to select a track from its music library, record their vocals, and apply effects to create polished tracks effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Automatic tuning and voice-processing effects.
  • A library of backing tracks and beats.
  • Easy sharing options for social media and collaboration.

Resource: For a comprehensive guide to using Voloco and exploring its features, visit the Voloco website or find the app on the App Store and Google Play.

Other Notable Apps for Recording Vocals to Beats

Apart from the apps mentioned above, there are several other notable options for artists looking to record vocals over beats:

  • BandLab: A social music platform that offers a mix of recording, mastering, and sharing tools. It’s suitable for musicians of all levels who want to collaborate and publish their work.
  • FL Studio Mobile: A mobile version of the popular digital audio workstation, FL Studio Mobile offers extensive music production capabilities, including high-quality synthesizers, drum kits, and a step sequencer for fast percussion programming.

Resource: To explore these additional apps, check out their respective websites or search for them in the App Store or Google Play.


The evolution of mobile apps has democratized music production, allowing artists to record vocals to beats with just their smartphones. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a budding artist, these apps offer powerful tools and platforms to explore your creativity, collaborate with others, and share your music with the world. By leveraging the unique features of apps like OffTop, Rapchat, BeatStars, and Voloco, artists can produce high-quality music anytime, anywhere.

For aspiring musicians, exploring these apps can be a great starting point to hone their craft and eventually transition to more advanced music production setups. Each app provides a unique set of tools and features, catering to different aspects of music production and artist collaboration. By experimenting with these apps, artists can discover which platform best suits their style and needs, enabling them to make the most of their musical talents.

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