How To Get Featured On Music Blogs
How To Featured Music Blogs

How To Get Featured On Music Blogs

So many people are getting involved with music independently, and many of them hardly ever get noticed. However, there is an amazing way to get your music noticed, and that is by being featured on music blogs. 

With music blogs, indie musicians can gain a lot more attention from people who have never heard of them before. There can be an increase in ticket sales, and fans could want more from these indie musicians when learning about them and their music. Also, indie artists can gain the attention of patrons, designers, and managers. With this said, the following includes a step-by-step guide on how to get featured on music blogs: 

1. Defining the band and audience

There are tons of music blogs these days and even more are starting up daily. So, it is important to narrow down the blogs that will cater and promote your type of music to improve your chances to be featured and exposed to the right audience. 

So, you should write down what type of music you play, your lifestyle, the personality of your band, and more. Then, you can proceed to the next step. 

2. Google music blogs featuring or may feature artists

You must type relatable keywords, such as music blogs, blogs featuring music, etc. You should also include music blogs that are not too popular (the ones not mentioned on page one or two on Google). Your audience may be on these blogs. 

If you desire to have your music featured on Pitchfork or Stereogum, you need to research the writers who cover your music genre. Read their past reviews, articles, and more. Also, follow them on their social media pages. Once you obtain their email addresses, work on establishing a relationship based on the music type they write on and be their genuine fan of things they shared. 

3. Email blog admin

Get the editor’s email address to express your interest. Using a template message is a quicker process. Be professional yet light and short in the email. Also, include some photos, your site’s link, and a press kit. 

4. Create a write-up

When you receive a positive reply from the editor, write back or hire someone to write back for you. Include your biography, your influences, the music type you play, and your albums’ press release. The biography should include how you and your band started. You should also include where you and your band originated from. Doing this is necessary so that editors will know how to feature you and your brand.

5. Be creative, brief, and professional

Music bloggers always have a load of emails in their inbox. So, to stand out in your pitch, you must include brevity, creativity, and professionalism. You must be concise and brief because they don’t have time to read a long email from an unknown indie band. To be creative, you must be clever and unique to stand out from other pitches. Furthermore, professionalism is always mandatory. So, you must be exceptional with grammar and punctuation usage, use professional language, and be polite with email etiquette. 

6. Send exclusives

In order for bloggers to get as much as possible in sharing a song to the public, exclusives set them apart. They won’t get that much with information already put out there. Through blog exclusives, more musicians release EPs for each track. 

7. Don’t talk about competitors

For self-explanatory reasons, you must not mention your competitors. They may feature the competitor’s music instead of yours. They may also feature both you and the competitor which is not good- you only want the exposure to gain and stay abreast of your competition. 

8. Include a clear call-to-action

You must include how they can reach you. So, many times, indie bands may be so busy or excited in trying to get the exposure that they may overlook putting their contact information. They may also think that their email address that sent the email to them is enough. However, giving them your phone number and address is also important. And if you hire someone to write for you, it’s easy to forget to tell them to include your contact information in the email. 


Getting featured on music blogs is the sure way to gain much exposure out there to the market. With being featured, the world can be your oyster with your amazing music to the masses. You can get the sales rolling in with ticket, album, and possibly merchant sales. Your audience may love your music brand so much that they will ask for more.

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