Spotify: Top 13 Playlist Pitching Services of 2024

Spotify: Top 13 Playlist Pitching Services of 2024

In today’s music industry landscape, getting your music heard amidst the noise can be a daunting task. With millions of tracks being uploaded to platforms like Spotify every day, standing out and reaching your target audience requires strategic promotion and exposure. One of the most effective ways to increase visibility and gain traction on Spotify is by securing placements on curated playlists. However, navigating the world of playlist pitching can be complex and time-consuming. That’s where playlist-pitching services come in handy. These services specialize in connecting artists with playlist curators, increasing the chances of playlist placements, and ultimately boosting streams and exposure. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 13 Spotify playlist pitching services of 2024, helping you take your music career to the next level.

Playlist Push:

Playlist Push has been a dominant player in the playlist-pitching landscape for several years now, and it will continue to shine in 2024. The platform boasts a vast network of playlist curators across various genres, allowing artists to target specific audiences effectively. With transparent reporting and a user-friendly interface, Playlist Push remains a top choice for artists seeking playlist placements and measurable results.

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SubmitHub has emerged as a go-to platform for artists looking to submit their music to blogs, playlists, and other promotional channels. With its intuitive interface and streamlined submission process, SubmitHub makes it easy for artists to connect with playlist curators and receive feedback on their tracks. While not exclusively focused on Spotify playlists, SubmitHub remains a valuable tool in the arsenal of any independent artist.

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Groover takes a unique approach to playlist pitching by facilitating direct communication between artists and influencers. Artists can submit their music to a network of influencers, including playlist curators, bloggers, and radio hosts, and receive personalized feedback and support. With its emphasis on fostering relationships and organic promotion, Groover has become a favorite among indie musicians seeking genuine connections in the industry.

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ToneDen offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools designed to help artists promote their music effectively across various platforms, including Spotify. With its advanced targeting capabilities and data-driven approach, ToneDen enables artists to reach their ideal audience and secure placements on curated playlists. From automated ad campaigns to in-depth analytics, ToneDen equips artists with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive music market.

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Soundplate specializes in curating and promoting Spotify playlists across a wide range of genres. Artists can submit their tracks for consideration to be featured on Soundplate’s playlists, reaching thousands of listeners and potential fans. With its emphasis on discovery and new music, Soundplate provides a valuable platform for emerging artists to gain exposure and build their audience on Spotify.

Visit Soundplate: offers a unique approach to playlist pitching by integrating sponsored placements directly into Spotify’s ad ecosystem. Artists can promote their tracks to targeted listeners based on demographics, music preferences, and other relevant criteria, maximizing their reach and engagement. With its powerful advertising tools and extensive reach, empowers artists to connect with their audience in meaningful ways.


DistroKid’s “Spotify for Artists” Pitching:

DistroKid, a popular digital distribution service, offers artists the ability to pitch their unreleased tracks directly to Spotify’s editorial team through the “Spotify for Artists” platform. This feature allows artists to bypass traditional playlist-pitching services and potentially secure placements on official Spotify playlists. With its direct access to Spotify’s editorial team, DistroKid provides artists with a valuable opportunity to elevate their music to a broader audience.

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Playlist Pump:

Playlist Pump leverages data-driven algorithms and personalized outreach to maximize playlist placements for artists. By analyzing streaming trends and user behavior, Playlist Pump identifies optimal placement opportunities and pitches tracks to curated playlists accordingly. With its automated approach and focus on results, Playlist Pump streamlines the playlist pitching process and helps artists achieve measurable success on Spotify.

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Chartmetric provides artists with comprehensive analytics and insights to inform their playlist-pitching strategy on Spotify. By tracking metrics such as listener engagement, playlist placements, and social media activity, Chartmetric helps artists identify trends and opportunities for growth. With its data-driven approach and actionable insights, Chartmetric empowers artists to make informed decisions and optimize their presence on Spotify.

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Musosoup offers a streamlined platform for artists to submit their music to a network of bloggers, influencers, and playlist curators. Artists can target specific genres and regions, ensuring their music reaches the right audience. With its intuitive interface and transparent reporting, Musosoup simplifies the playlist pitching process and provides artists with valuable exposure opportunities on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Visit Musosoup:


Promoly specializes in promotional campaigns for artists, labels, and music industry professionals. With its advanced tracking and analytics features, Promoly allows artists to monitor the performance of their campaigns in real time and make data-driven decisions. Artists can create custom press kits, pitch their music to influencers and tastemakers, and track the results of their promotional efforts on Spotify and other platforms.

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IndieMono focuses on promoting independent artists and emerging talent on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Artists can submit their music for consideration to be featured on IndieMono’s curated playlists, reaching a diverse audience of music enthusiasts. With its emphasis on supporting independent artists and fostering community engagement, IndieMono provides artists with a platform to showcase their talent and connect with fans around the world.

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PlaylistSupply offers a comprehensive suite of playlist-pitching services designed to help artists maximize their exposure on Spotify. Artists can submit their music to PlaylistSupply’s network of playlist curators and tastemakers, gaining access to targeted promotion opportunities and increasing their chances of playlist placements. With its data-driven approach and personalized outreach, PlaylistSupply helps artists achieve measurable results and build momentum in their music careers.

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Navigating the world of playlist pitching can be challenging, but with the right tools and resources, artists can significantly increase their chances of success on Spotify. The top 13 Spotify playlist pitching services of 2024 offer a range of solutions tailored to the diverse needs of today’s musicians, from organic outreach to targeted advertising. Whether you’re an indie artist looking to build your audience or a seasoned professional aiming for chart-topping success, these playlist-pitching services provide valuable opportunities for exposure and growth in the competitive music industry landscape. By leveraging the power of curated playlists and strategic promotion, artists can elevate their music to new heights and connect with listeners around the world.

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