Top 8 Sites To Promote Your Music Online
Best Websites To Promote Music Online

Top 8 Sites To Promote Your Music Online

1. YouTube

If you are starting in music, you require putting effort and time into the development of music videos that are professionally crafted. You can then promote it by uploading it on YouTube. This video-sharing platform has made a significant difference when it comes to indie artists who have risen to national acclaim, especially due to the amazing visuals of their videos and the strength of the song. YouTube has insightful measurement tools and ease of use. If you are hoping to be a professional singer, then YouTube should be part of your priority.

2. Spotify

Over the last few years, Spotify has emerged as an exceptionally robust digital music service and is one of the top music streaming sites. It has a massive library of music made by major musicians, and this makes it an attractive choice. The site has frequent ads as well as premium options that ensure you get paid when people listen to your music.

3. iTunes

iTunes is another giant when it comes to music streaming services. The platform has been evolving continually due to constant innovation by Apple. In case you are an independent artist who is looking to offer fans with the choice of buying your music, uploading to iTunes is ideal for you. You might not make so much money in the beginning, but you will be sure to promote your brand.

4. Audiomack

Audiomack is a rising star when it comes to fan-friendly music streaming platforms. The site allows musicians to measure their music’s reach with its various trend-based rankings. You can readily acquire the number of plays per month, week, or day and your consumers can know the albums and songs that are popular on the ‘trending’ homepage. Moreover, it has straightforward analytics and less stringent copyright policies, which makes it a suitable option for independent musicians who are looking for complete visibility as they promote their albums.

5. SoundCloud

The streaming platform was started in 2007 and remained to be one of the planet’s top music streaming platforms. The platform attracts more than 175 million monthly visitors. Streaming on the site is free and has been a giant for a long time, which will remain for a long time. The site has been praised for its shareability and sociability functions by both rising singers and established ones. The massive library growth of the site has been boosted significantly by its homepage’s news feed style, group communities, and favorite/repost/playlist options.

6. Personal Website

In addition to all these excellent music streaming sites, you need to have a personal site that shows your latest and best music. As you grow your music career, it is good to centralize all your music in one platform instead of offering dozens of links to your fans. Hence, you will need to maintain an updated and sharp website. When your music grows, it is obvious that fans will visit your page.

7. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a great music platform that can assist you in converting listeners into your fans. It has two features that can assist you in adequately promoting your music. It has a function that helps you to upload your music tracks and albums for either paid or free download. The other function assists you in building your mail list as your listeners download for free. This will assist you in keeping in touch with your fans so that you can promote additional content for them to download.

8. Blogs

Do research on the music blogs that are associated with your genre before contacting them and sending them a sample of your demo. If they like what you sell, they are likely to feature a blog post about your music. The more the followers the blog has, the more exposure your music will get. 


Promoting music can be a difficult and challenging task. But with these eight sites and some patience, you are sure to garner some fans to pay for your content.

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