5 Things to Look For In A Music Manager
Music Manager

5 Things to Look For In A Music Manager

Do you have the lyrics, the look, and the motivation, but still need help getting to the top? Here’s 5 things to look for when hiring a music manager.

Making it in the music industry today is easier because you don’t a big record label to be heard.
However, while it’s easier to upload and promote your own music, you still have to deal with mass competition. After all, you’re not the only one who’s striving to become an internet sensation. So the key to standing out is to hire a music manager. But if you’re not convinced you need one and feel you have the perfect formula to get “found,” then this guide is for you. Now, let’s review why you should work together with a manager and how to find a good one.

Why You Need to Hire a Music Manager

Because of all the competition in the indie music industry, it’s good to have someone on your team who knows what they’re doing. And it will help even more if he or she was successful with other artists in the past.
Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons hiring a music manager can work for your music campaign.

You Can Focus On Your Music

 Marketing and promotions is a full-time job, which means you can’t do that and continue to make great-sounding music. Trying to juggle both is only going to cause one area to suffer.
So if you want to come out on top, then you need a manager who can take care of the business side of things. This way, you can focus on what you do best – creating music.

Money Motivates Music Managers

 And this is a good thing because you want your manager to work hard to make you a success. If they fail, then their pockets remain empty.
So a music manager will work hard to make deals that can earn cash for the two of you.

Managers Are More Connected

 When you work in the promotions industry, you’re bound to connect with a few notables. That’s more than what you can say if you decide to do all the marketing on your own (with zilch connections).
With a manager, you can get connected with people who can enhance the quality of your music, get your music heard and possibly land you collaborations with well-known artists.

All of the Negotiations Are Done through Your Manager

 You’re a newbie in the music industry, which means you’re not familiar with all the technical terms of deals. Your manager will ensure you get the best outcome from your negotiations.
Plus, they act as a buffer in situations that can become highly emotional.
Now, let’s review what you should look for when searching for a music manager.

1. They Show Enthusiasm About Your Music

You don’t want to work together with a manager who doesn’t believe in your music. If they don’t show any enthusiasm for your tracks and style, then they’re not going to do a great job at promoting you.
Then you have to worry about losing your manager to another artist they actually like. Business relationships are a lot like real-life relationships – if there’s no interest, there’s no loyalty.

2. Past Experience in Your Genre

This can turn out to be a double-edged sword. A manager that’s worked with high-profile artists in another music genre could still benefit your campaign. The connections they have can make it worthwhile to hire them.
However, without this status, you don’t want to risk working with a manager that isn’t experienced with working with clients in your genre. This is why you’ll find most managers advertising their services for a specific type of artist (R&B, country, hip-hop, etc.).
Also, inquire about their past success. You don’t want to waste time with a manager that’s wet behind the ears and will take forever getting you noticed.

3. A Solid Promotional Strategy

The only way you’ll know whether or not a manager can provide satisfactory results is to look at their strategy. This includes having an audience you’ll target, mediums you’ll attempt to promote through and financing.
How much will it cost to get your ads placed in those magazines and on popular websites? Are paid reviews a part of the strategy? If you have a low budget, then make sure your manager has a workaround for this.

4. Check their Reviews

Sure, any manager will boast about all the good they did for past clients. But does it have any merit? Social proof is everything today and it’s easy to get with a quick internet search.
Search around on Google to see if there are any reviews for the managers you’re considering. If not, this may be a sign they’re brand spanking new. In a sense, no reviews are just as bad as negative reviews.
Continue looking until you can find a music manager with reviews you can use to gauge your interest in their services.

5. Check their Credentials

It’s very easy to build a website and post ads online stating you’re an artist manager. But what makes them qualified? Besides past experience, it’s good to check out a manager’s credentials.
This includes licenses, certificates, and degrees. Even long-term internships are a good sign the manager knows what they’re doing.

Before You Sign the Contract

Always read the terms of your agreement before signing any documents. There are key areas you should discuss in person or over the phone, so you can have all your questions answered.
One detail you want to cover includes the fees – is this a flat rate or percentage of sales? What are the terms for firing the manager and hiring a new one? If you’re not confident in your skills to discern all the details, then take the contract to an entertainment attorney before signing.

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