Finding Success as an Independent Artist

Finding Success as an Independent Artist

Being an independent artist doesn’t mean you can’t compete with major record labels. Here are some tips for finding success in the music industry.

Now is the time to become an independent musician.

How is this possible when you’ve been repeatedly told you can’t make a living with music?

Well, as it turns out, in the last ten years there has been a 510% increase in people interested in becoming an independent artist who can make a living off their music. It’s hard, but it’s very possible.

Here are three of the most important things every independent artist need to do to become successful.

Market Yourself and Your Music!

1. Market With Social Media

 Make several social media accounts, things like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and keep them active. Even though you made these accounts to promote your music, you can’t just fill them with promotional posts. Your fans will get a little bored if all you do is promote your music.

Instead, post to your social media accounts as a real, regular person. Your fans want to feel like they know you, so make your posts conversational and funny and, above all, relatable.

At the same time, make sure you keep your fans in the loop. Give them a teaser of the newest song you’re working on or post pictures or videos of yourself playing at a gig.

If you fans like you as a person, they will like your music even more.

2. Market With Your Website

 Your website should be a place your fans can purchase your music and find out where you’ll be playing next. As you update it, your website should always be changing and providing new content.

If you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of songs or performances yet, consider starting a blog. This is a great way to keep your website active.

Writing a blog doesn’t take a lot of effort. Again, write about things that interest you. Write a story about an unusual gig you had once. Explain the inspiration behind one of your favorite songs.

The articles don’t have to be long, and you only need to write one or two a week with fresh content.

If you want to try something other than writing, you can also send your music to a music blog.

Music blogs usually have a specific genre and a wide audience. It doesn’t cost anything to send a music blog some of your music, and you don’t lose anything if they don’t accept you.

If they do accept your music, you have succeeded in exposing your music to a new crowd who, odds are, already like your style of music.

3. Market By Collaborating With Another Independent Artist

 Again, collaborating with other musicians doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t take a lot of effort.

If you each post the finished song on your Youtube accounts and other social media accounts, you will both be introduced to a new audience and you can gain a few new fans.

Have fun with it because it will probably end up rewarding you.

4. Market Your Music By Singing Cover Songs

 There is nothing wrong with singing cover songs. In fact, singing covers of popular songs can help an independent artist market their own music.

When you sing a cover of a popular song, you are catching someone’s attention with a song they already know they like. If they like how you sing the cover, they might look for more of your music.

And just like that, you have a new fan.

Make Yourself and Your Music Easy to Find

1. Play Anywhere You Can

 Play as many gigs as you can, even if they’re small. This one is as simple as it sounds. The more gigs you play, the more people will see you.

It’s okay to start small. The more experience you get and the more fans you gather, you will eventually grow your audience and performances.

When you’re playing, let people have fun watching you. Engage with the audience and make them laugh. They will feel more comfortable watching you, and you will feel more comfortable performing in front of them.

2. Make an Email List

 At every gig, make sure you have an email list people can sign. This will give them a way to stay in touch with you if they like your music.

Use these emails to keep them up to date with what you’re working on and where you’re performing next. You also want to use these emails to direct them to your website or social media accounts, anywhere they can find and purchase your music.

3. Put Your Music in the Right Places

 Though you want to have your music on your own websites, you also need to put your music in all the places people look for music.

If your fans usually listen to music in places like Itunes or SoundCloud, your music should be there too. Your fans can only listen to your music if they can find it.

4. Make Your Music Unique

 An unsuccessful independent artist will try to make the mistake of only playing the music they think people want to hear. Don’t do this.

Make your own music with your own style. People will be interested in your music if it is something they’ve never heard before, and you will be easy to remember if your music stands out from the rest of the crowd.

5. Don’t Change Your Contact Information

 Once you have an email list, do not change your email or other contact information. Even if you warn your fans about the change, it will create some amount, and you run the risk of losing some of your fans.

Unless there’s a very pressing reason to change your contact information, do everything you can to keep your information the same.

Never Give Up

Times are going to get hard. Some months you could be selling more music than you can produce, and others you can be working harder but selling nothing.

The worst mistake you can make is to stop making music.

The only way you’ll succeed is if you have the passion to keep going even when it’s hard.

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