9 Steps to Promoting Your Music on Spotify
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9 Steps to Promoting Your Music on Spotify

When music is your passion, there’s nothing better than finding ways to share it with others. Expanding your audience isn’t easy, but that’s the key to becoming more successful. 

As a creator, promoting music might not be your strong point, but it’s essential to making money from your work. Fortunately, making money from your music is very possible. In fact, it’s far less challenging than you might imagine.

The key is to learn a few useful tips for promoting your music on Spotify. After all, Spotify is one of the most popular music platforms in the world. Keep reading to discover insight 

1. Make the Most of Social Media

It’s no secret that social media has quickly become the most powerful marketing tool in the world. There are so many great platforms that provide access to billions of users across the planet.

The key is learning how to make the most of the various social media platforms to promote music. This requires commitment and consistency, engaging with your fan base while working to attract new followers.

Fans lover to interact with music artists. It helps them feel connected and like they have a personal stake in your success. The more you engage with your audience, the more enthusiastic they will be about sharing your work with others.

It can be challenging for musicians to spend time on social media, wanting instead to let the music speak for itself. But this is crucial for increasing awareness of your songs and growing your fan base.

2. Focus On Getting Your Artist Profile Verified

Getting verified on Spotify is something that many artists aren’t aware of, and yet this is incredibly important for building your audience.

The artist verification badge is simply the blue tick on your profile page that displays for listeners the fact that this is your official page on the app. After all, anyone can create a Spotify page dedicated to your music, but a verified account tells them that this is only one officially created by you.

This is an extremely powerful way to build your brand. It will help you build trust and form a legitimate connection with fans around the world.

3. Funnel Your Fan Base to Spotify

Once you’ve taken the time to create a verified Spotify account and begun uploading your music, you need to focus plenty of time and effort on funneling your fans to your Spotify page.

This can be accomplished through a number of avenues, including being as active as possible on social media, maintaining a quality website, and building an email list. 

It’s no secret that attracting new fans can be a lot of work. And yet that’s the key to success in this highly competitive industry where there are so many products vying for everyone’s time and attention.

Funneling fans to Spotify isn’t easy, but the more effort you invest, the more naturally you’ll become at understanding what attracts people and how to hold their interest.

4. Be Consistent About Uploading Your Music

Your music is what this is all about. You’ve poured your heart and soul into writing, recording, and producing great songs that you’re proud of. Now it’s time to share your tunes with the world.

It’s important to keep in mind that uploading a few songs to your Spotify page and then ignoring it for long periods of time is a poor strategy for building a faithful following.

Every time you upload new music, you’re attracting eyes and ears to your profile page and giving people something to talk about and share with friends. This is fun and exciting. When your consistent, your fans will learn to anticipate the new drop and thus remain fully engaged with your work.

5. Collaborate With Fellow Musicians

Growing your fan base requires more than simply sitting in a room alone and writing new tunes. You need to find ways to cross-promote with other talented artists who have fans that will appreciate what you have to offer.

Collaborating with fellow musicians is a great way to organically grow the number of listeners who are exposed to your work.

There are plenty of options for collaboration. You could record together, create playlists of similar artists with songs like yours that your mutual fans will love, and share new discoveries that you both enjoy that will attract additional fans from the respective fan bases.

The key is to have as much fun as possible with the process and to embrace the fact that success on Spotify isn’t a zero-sum game.

6. Take Advantage of Spotify Ads

You should also take advantage of Ad Studio on Spotify. This is a powerful self-service advertising platform that enables you to create and managed audio ads on the Spotify app. 

This tool gives you the power to create audio ads for your music that are 30 seconds or less, with voiceover and samples of your work. Then you can select the way that you want your ads to be served to Spotify listeners.

7. Take Advantage of Facebook Ads

Facebook remains the most powerful marketing platform on the planet. That’s why it’s crucial to take advantage of Facebook Ads to create marketing campaigns that have the potential to be seen by millions of potential fans.

8. Make the Most of Spotify Playlists

Spotify Playlists provide another opportunity for engaging with fans. You can use them to cross-promote with other artists, share songs you’ve recently discovered, or to simply cultivate a playlist of songs that you’ve always loved.

9. Piggyback On the Success of Popular Songs

This is a great little trick that can help attract listeners to your music. The key is this strategy is in the way you title your songs. It requires using specific keywords in your titles that are similar to titles of major hits that have already been released. Thus when a listener searches for a certain title, they will be exposed to your song as well.

Cool Tips For Promoting Your Music On Spotify

Becoming a successful musician is easy. Fortunately, promoting your music on Spotify can help speed up the process.

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