How to Get People to Listen to Your Music
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How to Get People to Listen to Your Music

One of the hardest things about making music is building your audience. Click on this article for a complete guide on how to get people to listen to your music.

Have you ever wondered how to get people to listen to your music?

Sure, you get the occasional hit, but where are all the listeners you knew would be there when you dropped this masterpiece?

The good news is they’re all out there, waiting to hear from you. The bad news? You need to work in order to get them to pay attention.

Join us today, as we look at seven great tips for getting more listeners, and start putting your music out there, the right way.

Make Better Use of Social Media

There’s a reason this point comes in at the top of a “How to get people to listen to your music” list.

Social networks are more than just a fun, exciting way to spread your creativity to far-flung corners of the world. In today’s competitive market, they’re basically a necessity.

If you’ve passed over a platform like Instagram because you’re a musician and not a photographer, you’re thinking too shallowly. Remember: art is multifaceted, and people want to see a full picture, not just some singer who got lucky with a catchy hook, once.

Go all in. Identify the four biggest social media platforms, based on what your audience uses, and attack them with content. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit are very accessible. YouTube, too, if you can create engaging videos. These should not just be links to your Soundcloud, but pictures, album reviews, and interaction with other musicians.

Not only will you benefit and enrich your own musical journey, but you’ll give your potential listeners a complete brand to latch on to.

And don’t forget mailing lists. With a mailing list getting updates on songs, upcoming shows, and your life, you can create a follower base who are more likely to listen to your new track.

Meet and Engage with Other Musicians

Like the Harvey Danger song says: “If you’re bored, then you’re boring.”

It’s important to meet, talk to, text, review and interact with other musicians. These are the people who are likely to shout you out at a concert or link off to your new song on Twitter if they like you. And, while the social aspect might seem difficult to many, remember most other musicians are looking to expand their network too.

Whether they’re your genre or not, having a few musician friends increases your chances of being heard, even if just by proxy.

Be a Fan’s Fan

This might sound trite, but your fans (and potential fans) should be everything to you. These are people who need good music, and you’re here to give it to them. But that’s not where your obligation ends.

Make sure to respond to fan requests and be available for signings, meetings, and engagement opportunities. If you want listeners to choose you over someone more successful in your genre, set yourself apart as being very close to your listeners.

Make your operation about pleasing the fans, and you’ll be surprised how quickly everything else falls into place. If you’re wondering how to get people to listen to your music, part of the answer is in making them feel special.

Take a Good, Long Look At Your Music

Maybe the worry shouldn’t always be “How to get people to listen to your music”.

Sometimes, maybe it’s “Have I made music that’s good enough to listen to?”

Though that might sound harsh, if you want people to listen, they’ve got to have a reason. This is a seemingly simple step, but one that many musicians overlook due to ignorance or too much pride in their product.

Ask yourself: “How good is the music I’ve produced?”

It might be catchy. It might have a good hook or a few clever lines, but how good is the production quality? Are your drums “canned” and do they sound cheap?

You might have every reason in the world for not recording a world class sounding song. Not everyone has the money to afford a good studio setup or a producer. But the end result is all that matters. If your song sounds homemade, people will have less reason to listen to it on repeat. If they aren’t listening to it on repeat, they’ll have even less reason to share it with a friend on the third listen.

Look into different recording, producing or even songwriting tips and tricks, and try to find ways to improve what you’ve created.

Performing Live

Live performances aren’t always every artist’s cup of tea. Some people like to stay in the studio, and just put out recordings.

This can mean a big missed opportunity.

Live shows put you within earshot of people who might never consider your music from seeing it in a Soundcloud playlist. They might not even be fans of your entire genre, but with that one winning hook, you could have them by the ear.

Look into local venues that host open mics. Get a group of rappers or singers together to make a showcase, so you won’t be the only one playing. Consider a collaboration. Gigs are important in marketing your material, and should not be overlooked.

Don’t Shy Away from Incentives

When it comes to marketing, there are many ways to skin a cat.

Every expert will tell you something different, and all of them could be right in their own ways. Ultimately, though, one thing that always works for promotions is giving something away.

Got a single you not only want people to hear but need them to hear in large numbers, to promote your album perhaps? Consider giving away hand-drawn cover art to the first 30 people who listen and comment. Or tickets to your next show to the first 100 listeners.

While this might seem like buying listeners, what it actually is is giving someone a reason to stop and ask “Why this song, though?”

Now You Know How to Get People to Listen to Your Music

Art is subjective, and the people who enjoy it do so for their own reasons.

That said, there are some clear-cut ways to boost your music’s visibility so more people take the chance and listen to it. Ultimately, it all comes down to a combination of specialist marketing and patience.

Interested in learning more about the world of music production, marketing, and history? Check out some of our other awesome blog posts, and get your musical career on track, today!

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