How to Network and Discover the Right Music Producer
How To Find a Music Producer

How to Network and Discover the Right Music Producer

You’ve crafted a song, honed your vocals, but one thing is missing: beats!

You need a music producer, the architect of your groundbreaking track, to oversee the process and ensure the production is tight.

But where do you connect a beat-maker who gets your art? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s how to find the right music producer for you.

1. Work on Your Brand

Before you can make a music producer’s contact list, you must stand out. As you’re working on your brand, consider:

  • What’s unique about you?
  • What do you hope to convey with your music?
  • What’s your story? 

Knowing who are you is beneficial when working with a producer so your communication is clear. This is so they can help you achieve your goals and the sound you’re looking for.

Also, remember producers dabble in a variety of music styles. So decide whether you’re looking for an EDM producer or a Hip-Hop one.

If you’re struggling to get specific, find tracks that inspire you to get direction for your overall sound. Identify what you like about the tracks so you know your brand and so the producer can see your inspiration and style. 

Once you’ve solidified your brand, ensure it is cohesive across all social media platforms so people can reach out to you on Twitter and Facebook. For example, use the same profile picture so people know it’s you.

2. Chat to Other Local Musicians

Not sure how to contact music producers?

Contact other musicians and see if they’ve worked with any local producers or if they know of any. This is a good starting point and will give you a list of names so you can inquire.

If you don’t know any local musicians, it’s time to go to networking music events. Go to shows and strike up conversations with the artists in your genre. 

Search online on sites like Soundcloud to find music producers to see whether their sound aligns with yours. If the production quality is up to par, reach out.

Or search Facebook groups in your area and mention you’re looking for good DJ producers. It’s a great place to build connections with local musicians in your area.

3. Contact Local Studios 

Before you Google “how to get connections”, search around and make a list of local recording studios.

You can also do a quick search of the studio alongside the keyword “producer”. This will give you a list of quality producers that are established enough to work with local studios regularly.

4. Tweet Away and Get on Instagram

Whether you’re a newbie or a Twitterholic, search and follow producers you admire. If they express themselves, comment to instigate conversation and always be empathetic and positive.

You can also use Twitter’s search function to find tweets that contain crucial information. For example, search for tweets containing “mixing and mastering” as it will lead you to music producers. 

Also, ensure you’ve perfected your Twitter profile. Create a fun bio, have a link to your website or music, and have a memorable profile picture. 

In 2020, there are 26.9 million users on Instagram and, as a musician, it’s crucial you’re one of them. Use Instagram to document your journey with a studio shot and reach out to music producers. 

When you show up on people’s feeds, they’ll know you’re open for business and followers can connect you with music producers. 

5. Attend Music Producer Networking Events

Luckily, there are music producer events where groups of producers meet and search for new projects. 

For example, LoudUp is a social network for everything music-related. Start with the Filter Results drop-down menu so you can find your dream producer. Other sites include NoiseCreators and SoundBetter.

But remember not all networks are equal. Music producer networks vary from a well-curated list of producers that have worked with big names to those with one project.

When you do find a reputable producer, listen to their previous work, find out their rates, and take notes. It’s important you love their sound because your final track will likely take elements of their sound so it must align with your vision.

You can also ask to see testimonials and who they’ve worked within the best. For example, do they have any connections in the industry? 

If a producer is ticking all the boxes, meet up for coffee and have an informal chat about the project. You’ll be spending plenty of time with them so it’s essential you’re comfortable especially pointing out things you may not like about their production. 

6. Check out Local Gear Shops

A great way to meet producers is by checking out local instrument stores because employees will be well-connected to the music scene. Also, the staff often have their own music projects or may know others who can help you. 

And That’s How You Find a Music Producer!

You can find your dream music producer with some digging. First, establish your brand and decide what style of music you want to explore. This makes it easier to connect with a producer who is an expert in this area or who is excited to dabble.

Although networking sites are useful online, don’t be afraid to connect with local musicians to see if they know someone. As the producer will be working on your album – your baby – it’s essential you’re comfortable working together to ensure you deliver the best work yet. Good luck!

Are you looking for a music producer for your next project? If so, I’d love to chat. Contact me here for more details. 

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