Facebook for Musicians: The Best Facebook Ad Tutorial for Rappers
Facebook rapper ads tutorial

Facebook for Musicians: The Best Facebook Ad Tutorial for Rappers

As a musician, you’re constantly looking for ways to spread your music and gain more fans.

The method to do that is simple: get your brand out in front of more people. But it takes much more strategy that simply using an album cover that says “buy me!”.

In the world you live in, you’re going to want to pay special attention to your online presence. You can reach people all over the world. Facebook Ads give you the push that you’re looking for.

Here’s an all-in tutorial of Facebook for musicians and how it can help you gain more traction.

1. Reach Everyone That’s ‘Liked’ Your Page

Did you know that only as many as .003 of the people that have “liked” your Facebook page actually see the content that you push out?

It used to be that they saw every single post of the pages they “liked” but now, unfortunately, that’s not the case. It will take your Facebook Ad campaigns to push out your best content to them.

The positive in that is that your advertisement will stand out more than any other post they see as they scroll down their feed.

It also makes your brand look much more official to them, making them far more likely to click.

2. Draw People in With Videos

Videos are one of the best ways to get Facebook users to stop scrolling down on their feed and listen to what you have to say. The only problem is, it doesn’t take long to lose their attention.

In fact, studies have shown that if you don’t pique their interest within 10 seconds, they’ll stop watching the video entirely. 

Needless to say that the content in your video, no matter how long or short the video is, needs to mention your name or rap nickname within the first 3 seconds. 

Then, after those 3 seconds, you need a call to action for your viewers within the next 3 seconds after that. 

While this might sound completely overwhelming, it’s actually more fun and easier than it seems.

The videos that you create and use as Facebook ads are the best way to find the audience that you’re looking for. You can use these videos to boost ticket sales for your show, push new music, sells merchandise, etc.

3. Create a Budget

As with any other aspect of your rapping career, you should set a budget for your Facebook advertisement endeavors.

This will help you measure your ROI on what you spend versus what you’re getting back. If you aren’t seeing ROI, then you know there are adjustments that need to be made.

You don’t have to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on your Facebook ads to get the results you’re looking for. 

If you have a plan in place, make high-quality videos, and are committed to seeing this thing through, then it will get you the return you’re looking for. Overspending for Facebook ads is a waste of money you could be using elsewhere.

Start out simple, invest a few dollars and see where that takes you. As you start to see more revenue, you can start to pour more into the Facebook ads that are working best.

4. Reach Those That Are on Your Email List

Most music artists consider those that they have on their email list to be their most loyal fans. They’re the ones that want to be updated on every move that you make in your career.

However, their inboxes (just like anyone else’s) get flooded with emails every single day. It’s easy for them to skip over your email or just not check it out of spite for all the solicitation emails they receive.

Either way, using your Facebook ads to target them will keep them up-to-date with where you are. 

For example, if you sent an email out about ticket sales for a gig you have next Friday then set a Facebook Ad out to them as well. Then they’ll either be seeing it for the first time or the email will serve as a reminder for them to purchase.

5. Use Your Creativity

What better way to capture your rap persona than through the advertisements you’re sending out on Facebook?

Use your creativity and imagination to come up with different videos, photos, and summaries that will engage your ad viewers. Let people get a taste of who you are and why they need to listen to your music.

Your creativity and thought process is what makes you unique as a rapper. It shows Facebook users the side of you that they want to see.

Think of your Facebook ads as the lyrics you put into your songs. Whatever you come up with is completely unique to your persona. All rappers want their hands on every piece of their brand, and your marketing endeavors should be no different!

Facebook for Musicians: A Potential Goldmine

Facebook for musicians is an incredible outlet to showcase your talent, push your performances and separate yourself from the rest of the rap industry.

Take the time to build a strategy around what ads you’ll use and who you’re trying to target with each ad you push out.

Be sure to read this article for information on how to become an indie rapper and avoid the aches and pains of a record label.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be thrilled to discuss things with you further!

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