How to Promote Your Music on Spotify
Spotify Promotion Tips

How to Promote Your Music on Spotify

What if an excellent music promotion was just a click away?

Millions of users rely on Spotify to stream their favorite tunes every day. If you are wondering how to promote your music, then Spotify may be the best answer.

Despite this, not many people know how to successfully promote the music they have uploaded on Spotify. Keep reading to discover the secret to successfully promoting music via Spotify.

Spotify Ads

Our first suggestion may sound obvious: you can take out Spotify ads. However, doing this the right way is surprisingly complex.

You’ll need to accurately identify what genre your music belongs to and then decide which operating systems you want to target (such as Android or iOS). You then specify how much money you want to spend (currently, the minimum amount is $250).

You basically end up paying only for how many people your ad reaches. However, it’s up to you to ensure enough people click on the ad. Be sure to provide high-quality audio and an eye-catching photo!

Honestly, it will take a lot of trial and error to make the most out of these ads. But they remain the best way for you to advertise your music on Spotify.

Playlist Power

Not everyone has the budget to buy a ton of ads on Spotify. If you’re looking for a more organic way to promote your music, try playlists.

Many people navigate Spotify by looking for Playlists of cool music. To get discovered by such people, you should start creating your own lists.

Remember, people want diversity from their playlists. Don’t just feature your own songs–including similar sounding artists, songs from the same genre, and so on.

If you do it right, you can help users recapture the magic of discovering some awesome new music when they were least expecting it.

Spotify for Artists

You need to sign up for Spotify for Artists if you have not already done so. This opens up many doors for Spotify promotion that were previously closed to you.

The main feature that we like is Spotify analytics. This gives you valuable data points that can help you plan your future promotions.

For example, you can get notifications when your music is played and keep track of when you get an increase in listeners. You can then figure out what you recently changed to get these great results.

Getting good at Spotify promotion takes a lot of time. However, Spotify for Artists can help make the whole process easier.

Dole It Out

When learning how to promote your music, you need to start thinking of your songs as products.

If you release an entire album all at once, it’s like your music is a single product. Users listen to it and then move on.

Instead, consider doling your music out more slowly. That may mean releasing singles to build hype or releasing the album on Spotify a few weeks after it goes on sale.

Ultimately, this approach can net you more clicks, and that translates into more customers.

Beyond Spotify

We’ve been focusing primarily on Spotify promotion in and of itself. However, you will be more successful if you also advertise via social media and other channels.

You can directly promote your music via various forms of social media. This lets fans interact with you more easily and costs very little in terms of time and money.

You can also promote those playlists you have created via social media as well. The ultimate result is the same: more people who enjoy your music! 

Teaming Up

Many artists imagine music promotion as a lonely road. However, teaming up with other artists is one of the wisest moves you can make.

Find another up and coming artist who works in the same genre. Then you can take turns featuring each other’s music in your playlists, promoting each other on social media, and so on.

And who knows? This may turn into a more fruitful relationship than you originally imagined. Before you know it, the two of you might be collaborating on an album together!

Cue the Curators

The good news about playlists is that anyone can create them. The bad news is that users tend to pay more attention to certain lists than others.

Some curators of music and musical playlists become very popular on Spotify. If someone stumbles onto a playlist while idly browsing, it’s likely to be one created by one of the platform’s top curators.

These curators typically have social media accounts. We recommend pitching some of your best music to them via these accounts.

If you’re lucky, your music will be featured on their next playlist. And this is a great way to be discovered by many new fans.

All in the Name

This next suggestion is pretty basic, but here it goes: you may need to go back to the drawing board when it comes to song names.

People are likelier to click on something they are familiar with. This is true even if the song ultimately has little to do with the title.

For example, many people first heard about the Gorillaz due to a song inexplicably named “Clint Eastwood.” If you have a few pop culture song titles in your mix, you are likelier to be discovered by someone browsing music.

Blogger Appeal

For as long as there has been music, there has been music journalism. And nowadays, the best music journalism comes from bloggers.

As with Spotify curators, you can reach out to top bloggers and pitch them both your music and your story. The goal is to get featured in their next blog.

If their article links to your music on Spotify, then you can very quickly win over a new generation of subscribers.

How to Promote Your Music: The Bottom Line

Now you know more about how to promote your music on Spotify. But do you know other ways to promote yourself?

Here at Tellingbeatzz, we are all about helping artists grow their skills and reputation. To see how we can help your empire grow, check out our tips for starting your music blog!

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