How to Promote Your Music on Youtube in 6 Simple Ways
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How to Promote Your Music on Youtube in 6 Simple Ways

If you need to learn how to promote your music on youtube, we have the best tips for you. Keep reading to find out some of the best ways to promote your music that the competition isn’t willing to do.

The music world is full of competition.

A successful career isn’t just about getting great beats and putting out good music. You could be the most talented artist, but it’s still hard to make your music stand out from the crowd. In order to do this, you have to promote your music the best you can.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. So as an artist, you’d be seriously missing out if you don’t start paying attention to the platform.

Artists from The Weeknd to Ed Sheeran got started by using YouTube for music. You could be one video away from your big break.

Want to know how to promote music on YouTube? Keep reading for six simple ways you can do it.

1. Optimize Your Videos

Your first step is going to be making sure that your videos are easy to find. YouTube is a search engine, so you have to optimize your videos. Do everything in your power to make sure that YouTube knows your video is the best match for a particular search term.

Your description and title are the most important aspects of video optimization. For example, say a viewer searches for “trap remix” or “J. Cole cover”. Your video will only show up in results if you’ve matched your content to the title and description.

YouTube provides unlimited video tags, so use them and make them as descriptive as you can. The goal here is to rank as high as possible in your niche.

Also, make sure you have an official artist channel and YouTube will make it easy for fans to find you. This will also give you the ability to highlight your music on the promo shelf and featured video section.

2. Do a Cover

You probably already have a favorite band whose music you’ve covered. Take this a step further and use a Top 40 track and put your own unique spin on it. Cover songs are a genre all their own on YouTube, and many independent artists have made it big this way.

Just like in optimization, the title matters. Use the name of both the song and the artist in the title of your video. Your name should be in there as well.

However, don’t go overboard and jam a bunch of keywords in there either. The title of the video shouldn’t take up a whole page.

3. Edit Your Videos to Make Them More Exciting

Think about the last music video you saw on YouTube that really stood out. It’s likely that it was shot from multiple angles, had scenery changes, and kept your eyes engaged.

Try to change up the scene every 10 seconds or so to break up the monotony.

It’s best to work with a professional cameraperson but don’t let that stop you if you’re on your own. You can do simple edits like panning and zooming by yourself with a video editing program.

Remember, it’s inevitable that the viewer is going to have distractions. You don’t want to have an uninspiring video that makes them open another tab or pick up their phone to check emails.

4. Collaborate

Collaborating with other artists allows you to expand your audience. You also get to use the other artist’s fans and followers to promote your music. The other artist also benefits from your audience.

In addition to YouTube music promotion, ask the artist to tag you on their social media posts. When they post on their channel or on another platform, they should mention where curious listeners can find you.

Another way to collaborate is to allow YouTube content creators to use your music — while crediting you. These creators are always looking for music for their videos since most popular songs are copyrighted.

Reach out and let them know they can use your music, and presto, you’ve got free advertising. All the viewers who watch these creators are able to look up your name and music.

You can grow your following even more by collaborating with artists from other countries and markets.

5. Engage with Your Fans

YouTube’s technology may be smart, but it hasn’t learned to watch videos – yet. So in order to figure out if your video is good or not, it has to look at certain metrics. These include the number of subscribers, comments, likes and dislikes on your channel.

Engaging with your audience, then, isn’t just about building loyalty. It pays off when YouTube promotes your music in search results. It also puts your music in users’ “recommended videos” list.

If you want to increase engagement start by adding a call to action to your video. Get your listeners to comment, like, and subscribe. You can add this “ask” to the end of your video.

You can say a simple phrase like “Click the thumbs up if you want more videos like these”. “Subscribe to hear more new releases as I put them out” also works.

6. Vlog Your Day

Vlogging is a great way to increase engagement as well. The great thing is, it doesn’t take a lot of skill or effort. If you’re a beginner wondering how to make a music video for YouTube, this could be a good option for you.

All you need is a good camera, and there doesn’t even need to be a script. You don’t need to be a professional at talking on camera either. The draw of the vlog is that it’s raw and unfiltered access.

The behind the music part of the industry is intriguing to most people. Showing your day to day or more eventful things like preparing for a concert can get plenty of views. Fans will also be interested to see studio sessions that show the journey to their favorite track.

Vlogging is an instant way to make your audience feel more connected to you on a personal level.

How to Promote Your Music on YouTube

You’ve already got what you need to make it: your talent and your drive. Now you also have the tools to get your music out there to a YouTube audience. If you want to really boost your channel, promote it with paid ads on the site, as well as Facebook and Google.

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