Exploring Your Options for Where to Buy Beats
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Exploring Your Options for Where to Buy Beats

Are you wondering where to buy beats to enhance your music? We’ve got the details here to help you evaluate the options available to you.

While music has become cheaper and in many cases free, some producers lament the inability to get paid for their beats. While rappers can go out and tour, get endorsements, and sponsorships, producers need to sell beats to keep the Macbook charged. In order to get a good price and a unique sound, you’ve got to know where to buy beats.

While some producers like No I.D. and Metro Boomin have been able to brand themselves or be associated with hot rappers, not all producers are so lucky. Many are torn between charging high prices for exclusives or offering deals in hope of hitting it big. While Beyonce’s producers collect checks decades after a top hit, most producers have to make it one beat at a time, just like rappers.

Finding the right network of producers can help you grow as a rapper. Here are a few tips to help you figure out where to buy beats to stay hot.

1. Stay Humble

Don’t cop an attitude when you reach out to a producer. While you may not have heard of them and scoff at their pricing, you’re ultimately looking for a business partner for your song or album.

Be realistic about your goals and where you are. While every rapper wants a platinum record, not everyone is ready to invest their time into the kind of creative growth necessary to get there. While a hot summer single can make a career blow up, it takes a whole lot of trial and error to turn that one hit into more than a flash in the pan.

Even looking at Migos’s career, they worked with hot producers and had several ups and downs before they cemented their position. Before there was “Bad and Boujee”, there were hits, flops, and a #FreeOffset campaign. Expect ups and downs, hits and flops, and treat each beat like it could be “the one”.

2. Follow Producers On SoundCloud

You’ll find thousands of producers scattered across SoundCloud who are willing to lend their beats to you. It’s one of the top destinations for where to buy beats. Often the best producers will cost a little more money, but this is a great place to get into the community.

Follow several accounts, give feedback when you like something, and if they respond, show them what you do. Business and art are both all about building relationships. Take the time to build a real connection, even via DMs, talking about your favorite rappers and producers.

If you notice there are people you see eye to eye with, see if they want to do a collab.

3. See Who’s Hot On YouTube

More producers are loading their beats onto YouTube than anywhere else on the internet. Since YouTube is owned by Google, it’s also powered by the greatest search engine on the planet.

Type in the name of any track and you’ll find a bunch of instrumentals and copycats. Dive beyond those initial elements of mimicry and you’ll often find talented producers a layer beneath.

Comment on their beats, get in touch, and after a few exchanges, ask them for a comment on one of your own tracks. This is another opportunity to build a relationship and start trading tracks online.

4. Visit Airbit

Airbit is where to buy beats from a broad marketplace with an explicit aim to allow produces to sell. The only problem with these marketplaces is that they’re often bloated and oversaturated with thirsty producers offering beats of a variety of qualities.

You can use the store to get customized licenses, zero commission deals, and plenty of discounts.

This is a great way of finding beats for people who would be more prone to crate digging in another life. You can order custom hooks and add all kinds of extras to any kind of beat.

If you’re planning on including a track with any of these beats on an album or mixtape, read the fine print carefully. If you choose a cheap license, you could get blindsided by a big fee or even a lawsuit when your track takes off.

5. Check Out BeatStars

This site offers a few different features from Airbit. They boast thousands of producers and even break down beats into artistic styles. The best thing about BeatStars is their social network, where you can connect, ask questions, and share tips with other up and coming producers.

There are plenty of high-quality producers sharing their beats through BeatStars, but just like anywhere else, you’ll have to sift the wheat from the chaff. 

6. See Who Follows You Back

On any social network sites that allow you to follow people, see who follows you back. There could be some up and coming producers who might not have a hot name yet but could be creating some really exciting beats.

If you really know who you are and the ideal style of beat that you need, you can easily sift through different kinds of producers. You could pluck someone from total obscurity and work together to craft something unique and innovative.

All you have to do is get engaged in the social aspect of social networking when you’re figuring out where to buy beats.

7. Set Your Budget

Make sure you’re not setting yourself up for failure by paying top dollar for a beat that you struggle to rhyme over. Your best bet is to lease a beat before you get an exclusive. Leasing allows you to rhyme over it, put it on a free mixtape and if it starts to get heat, buy the exclusive.

Leases should cost you around $20 a piece whereas a hot exclusive could run you closer to $5,000.

Where To Buy Beats Depends On Your Style

Every outlet attracts a certain type of producer more than another. When you’re trying to figure out where to buy beats, notice how frequently you come across something you like. If one channel works better, don’t be afraid to explore what that has to offer before digging through channels you don’t connect with.

If you’re looking for more information on how to put together a solid mixtape or set up collabs, contact us for tips.

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