Should You be Rapping to Classic Rap Beats?

Should You be Rapping to Classic Rap Beats?

Classic rap beats have stayed popular for a reason. Use this article to find out why you should be rapping along to classic rap beats.

If you’re just getting started as a rapper, you need to think about the rap beats you use. No matter how tight your rhymes are, if your beats are bad you’ll end up with bland and anemic sounding bars.

You can hire a producer or try to find new beats. But if you’re already buying beats, why not buy the best?

If you want to do your best as a musician, consider buying and licensing classic beats for your songs and videos. There are plenty of reasons to do this: if you don’t believe us, check out these benefits of a classic beat. 

Classic Beats Make You Part of a Dynasty

Classic hip hop beats give you an instant association. Being keyed into a classic song has its advantages, but one of the primary benefits is having the ability to be a part of something.

When you’re using the best beats of all time, you put yourself in the shoes of history’s greatest rappers. Instantly, you have a tone and set of themes to work with.

And it’s not just amateurs that have used this to their advantage. When Eminem and D12 used Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” as a diss toward Everlast, listeners knew they had a diss track on their hands.

While this is incredibly important, it also puts a lot of pressure on you. While you probably can’t make a song as good as Tupac or Biggie, you should at least do your best over classic rap beats. The only thing worse than bad hip hop is bad hip hop over a good beat.

This is particularly true when it comes to a written song. It’s one thing to make a mistake on a freestyle. But people have serious expectations of any song you write. Make sure you can serve those expectations well and do every classic beat you rap over justice. Rap is your craft, so do it as well as you can.

If you do it well, you’ll be a part of a dynasty. This is great for both your song and your personal brand.

Your Listeners Love What They Know

Everybody loves something new. And while it’s true that you should seek to innovate, there’s also a comfort in the familiar.

If you think about your favorite foods, it’s probably something you grew up with. I know my mouth still waters thinking about my Grandma’s lasagna and eggplant parmigiana.

The reason your listeners want a new beat is the same reason I love lasagna and audiences will always flock to a new Star Wars or Marvel movie. People want what they know.

This extends to music. The more they hear something, the more they enjoy it. And on top of giving them something familiar, you can also provide a unique twist on that concept by using classic rap beats.

In fact, that’s absolutely essential. Far from a license to avoid creativity, using classic rap beats will allow you to emphasize your own contributions to the creative process that is your song or mixtape.

Combining the familiar and the new is a great way to help people enjoy your work. They can simultaneously have comfort and interest, and when people are craving something that sounds like one of their favorites they’ll be drawn to your work.

Classic rap beats are the perfect way to build interest from your listeners. So start using them if you want to see results!

Perfect For Finding Your Way Through a Freestyle

Freestyling can be incredibly difficult. Even keeping your rhymes consistent is hard: keeping your theme cohesive makes it that much harder.

With that in mind, it can be nearly impossible to stay on top of your freestyle when using a new beat. That’s because you need to adjust to the beat: not just the rhythm, but the “vibe” you get from hearing it.

Comparatively, classic rap beats serve as an opportunity to anybody looking for a roadmap to their freestyle. That’s because most classic beats have a “tone” or “subject” associated with them. If you’re rapping over the beat to Nas’s NY State of Mind, for instance, you’ll probably be rapping about your hometown.

Similarly, a freestyle over the beat to the Kanye West classic Jesus Walks will very likely involve religious themes. But on top of having a knowledge of the ideas that a beat inspires, classic rap beats also won’t catch you by surprise with a change in tempo.

And, they leave plenty of room to be creative. Turning “Jesus Walks” into its own braggadocious anthem, as Lil’ Wayne partially did on the introduction to Da Drought 3, would be a fun and creative twist on a classic. Similarly, using the beat of Nas’ magnum opus as a jumping off point to talk about Los Angeles or New Orleans could be incredibly unique.

Either way, a good freestyle needs a lot of guidance. Using the classics is a great way to get a cool and guided freestyle into the ears of your listeners.

License Rap Beats

If you want to purchase or license rap beats for your song, video, or creative project, we’re the best people to help you do it. We understand that most rappers are DIY artists. That’s why we don’t believe in overcharging you for the tools you need to create art.

We offer several unique options for your licensing needs. Whether you want to use your beat once or forever, working with us gives you choices. And that means you can deliver on your project and the remixes you make of it.

There are plenty of benefits to using classic rap beats. If you work with us, we can make it happen. If you want to get started or even just learn more, you should contact us today!

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