How to Buy Beats Online
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How to Buy Beats Online

Producing music is a complex task that relies on several key elements to create a tremendous final sound. The voice, backing vocals, melody and harmony are all crucial factors. However, it’s the rhythm of the beat that provides a platform for the composition. Learning how to buy beats online could be the key to taking your productions to the next level.

Here’s everything you need to know about buying professional quality beats and instrumental loops for your next song or composition.

What Is The Beat?

The beat is commonly described as the rhythm of a musical piece. It sets the speed and pulse of the production. So, when listening to a piece of music, the rhythm that you tap your toes or fingers to is essentially the beat.

This often forms the first step en route to building a song, whether it be a film score or a rap. With the right beat, everything from the melody to the speed and tune of the vocals will be supported in style. Therefore, the importance of the beat and its influence on every aspect of the production is evident for all to see.

In addition to the general beat of the song, your music production may require a musical instrumental. While this is a self-contained piece of music in itself, its close connection to the beat means that you usually need to think about the two aspects as one. 

Getting this aspect wrong simply isn’t an option. So, if buying beats online can enable you to gain a better result for your project, you won’t want to ignore this route for a second longer.

Who Are Online Beats Ideal For?

Beats form the backbone of virtually all music productions. As such, they are needed by a wide range of people within the music industry, including;

  • Rappers
  • Singers
  • Backing vocalists
  • Songwriters
  • Producers
  • Music tutors

In addition to being used for traditional music production, the beat can form an integral part of productions used in films, advertising, and other media types. So, those professionally created beats can appeal to a very eclectic audience indeed. If you’re in need of a beat for whatever reason, buying them online is certainly something to consider.

The Benefits Of Buying Beats And Instrumentals

Everyone associated with a song or music production can appreciate the need to acquire a good beat, but it can be very tempting to take control by creating it yourself. There’s nothing inherently wrong with taking this DIY route. However, buying online beats can bring a host of reward too, even if you only use this option for some of your productions.

Here are just 10 reasons why you may find that your project benefits from having a professional beat provided by an expert in the field;

  1. You’ll save time. Creating a beat can be a time-consuming project as you look to find the rhythm and speed best suited to the project.
  1. You’ll bypass the need for specialist production facilities that are designed with the creation of beats in mind.
  1. Likewise, instrumentals can be acquired without the need for investing in the instruments or the tools needed to digitally replicate them.
  1. It’ll allow you to focus all of your energies on the rap, vocals, or other composition elements. In turn, this can help boost the final sound of every element.
  1. It may be possible to find a beat that follows a slightly different formation from what you had in mind, taking the entire song in a new direction.
  1. When screening potential beats and instrumental loops with colleagues, you’ll gain honest opinions. When showing your work, they may be worried about hurting your feelings.
  1. The file will already be digitally compressed, meaning you can easily send it onto other singers or musicians that you may be collaborating with on this project.
  1. Finding a beat online can also be the perfect way to start a new project and formulate new ideas, making it an ideal way to end your creative block.
  1. Choosing a beat or instrumental that has been created by an expert guarantees professional standards, which can compensate for your lack of talent in this particular field.
  1. Dealing with beat producers via online communications can feel less daunting than hiring a local pro, resulting in the final product that you can actually work with.

With so many potential benefits on offer, it would be incredibly foolish to overlook this option. After all, the methods used to produce the perfect song or piece of music should not matter. Instead, the quality of your final product will always be the priority.

What Are the Options For Downloading Professional Beats Online?

Appreciating the need for a great beat as well as the benefits of purchasing one from an online professional is great. However, those factors count for very little if you don’t know where to look. 

The harsh reality is that for every website providing great beats, there are another five that will fill you with frustration. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong option can lead to poor quality, poor value, and a waste of time. Given that this would compromise virtually all of the benefits, it’s imperative that you avoid those pitfalls.

There are several options out there, here’s what you need to know about four of the most common.

Free Beats & Instrumentals

Several platforms serve as a marketplace of free beats and instrumentals that can be used for your music projects. SoundCloud is one of the most popular, but there are plenty of alternatives out there. 

Navigating through the catalogue allows you to find beats suited to your genre while there are thousands of options out there. This is a particularly popular route for students as well as rappers and singers that are perfecting their craft.



A wide range of options

Requires no technical skills

Instant downloads


Not bespoke to your project

Can take a lot of time to find a good solution

Other musicians will have used the beat too

Quality is sometimes lacking

Royalty Free Beats & Instrumentals

Alternatively, you can look at the prospect of buying royalty free beats from Neo Sounds and other royalty-free catalogues. The process is fairly similar to the free downloads but uses paid items.

The catalogues won’t always be extensive, but you can be assured that the quality of the beats will be good. This option is an accessible route for advertisers as well as upcoming musicians wanting to take things to the next level.


Improved quality compared to free options

Still an instant download

No technical skills required

The beats will have been used by fewer people


Still not bespoke to your project

Other musicians may have used the beat

Some beats may be presented as short previews before purchasing

Hire A Professional Producer

Independent producers are often more than happy to work on your project, and will often offer a choice of pre-made backing tracks or bespoke beats built specifically for you.

This is a far closer reflection of the traditional working process. You are collaborating with a producer before adding the vocals and additional features to bring the project to life. Singers, songwriters, and rappers can all embrace this option to achieve great things.


Bespoke products – even previously created ones will be matched to your project

Not used by other artists

Feels like working in a professional manner

The producer can offer their creative advice


Slightly more expensive

Slightly longer waiting time

Work With A Band

An alternative to working with a producer is to get a live band to provide the backing track for your proposed song. If they are an upcoming band, they will often do this for credit alone.

This is another creative process that loses the amateur feel of downloading beats from a catalogue. Meanwhile, it bypasses the need for having those instruments or the skills needed to master them. This can be a popular option for a range of music productions.


Build professional relationships

Gain their creative input

Can be free

Bespoke beats and instrumentals for your project


Bands might want to take over the project

Reliability issues, mainly when unpaid

Quality isn’t guaranteed

All four options have the potential to be right for your project, and it probably depends on your aspirations for the work. If you wish this to be a serious piece of music with professional standards and a unique beat that allows you to showcase your talents to their maximum capabilities, working with an independent producer is critical.

Search engines, music forums, and social media are all great places to find those solutions.

What To Look For In A Producer

If you’re going to use an independent producer (or a band) for your project, it’s imperative that you go the extra mile to find one that is capable of producing the best beats for your song. After all, anything less than a perfect solution would defeat the purpose. 

For those that don’t already have links, searching YouTube for the type of beats your looking for will take you to the channels of producers that showcase samples. Contact them with further info about your proposed project to get it started in style.

When doing this, though, it’s imperative that you ask a number of questions before making your selection:

How big is the producer?

While you don’t want to work with an amateur, a world-famous producer will either ignore your request or charge a fortune. Finding someone with an excellent reputation that won’t charge the world is vital.

How quick are they to respond?

It will take time for the beat to get produced, which is why good communication will play a central role. Unfortunately, if the producer doesn’t respond to your proposal within 48 hours, the alarm bells will ring.

Does the producer work with my genre?

While any producer worth his/her salt will have the capability to work with any project, one that specialises in your genre is key. This is particularly crucial for rappers and vocalists of niche genres

What’s included in the deal?

Will the producer be willing to make amendments if the beat is deemed too fast or slow? What about if the rhythm doesn’t suit your needs? In an ideal world, they’ll work to your brief first time. Still, those precautions are key.

If the producer ticks all the boxes, you’ll be sure to gain a beat that boasts the professional standards you deserve.

The Final Word

The beat is one of the most significant elements in any piece of music. Whether you’re a singer, a rapper, or a film director doesn’t matter. Getting the beat and instrumentals right is an integral step en route to producing the best song you can.

Buy beats online to kick your project into top gear, and the final sound will be better than you ever thought possible. 

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