The Best Music Mixing and Mastering Websites

The Best Music Mixing and Mastering Websites

The role of a mastering engineer was not something that existed before the 1950s.

But today mixing and mastering can have a huge impact on how professional your music sounds. The trouble is, these are both very different skills that require a lot of expertise to do well.

Many of us who produce our music have a real dread of mixing and mastering. No matter what we do, we’re not able to recreate the professional sound we hear on other people’s music. The good news is that it’s not something we need to do ourselves.

Read on as we take a look at some of the best mixing and mastering websites out there.

Fiverr Mixing and Mastering

If you’re looking to get your music mixed and mastered on a budget, then Fiverr might be your answer.

There are a host of people offering to mix or master your tracks. The challenge is to find someone who has the experience and ability to do your music justice. But search hard enough, and there are some real gems to be found.

You can hire the services of Beauvais, a Grammy-nominated mixer. For as little as $25 he will both mix and master your track. You can find other professional audio engineers on the site; be sure to check their mixing and mastering credentials before you sign them up.


If you’re looking for an online marketplace that’s more focused on music, then give Airgigs a try.

They list services from pretty much every type of role in the music industry you could imagine, from vocalists to instrumentalists, album artwork to music promotion. And of course, mixing and mastering.

With reviews for everyone on the site, you can find someone to mix and master your track for a great price while still being confident of the quality that you’ll be getting. The site is well worth a look.

Sage Audio

If you’d feel more confident going with a professional studio, then there are plenty of offers online for mixing and mastering services.

Sage Audio, based in Nashville specializes in professional mastering services. They offer stereo mastering from $54 per song. And if you’re looking for an even higher level of mastering, you can opt for stem mastering from $145 per song.

They also offer a free mastering sample so you can try before you buy. 

Mercury Mastering

Mercury Mastering is a Grammy-winning studio that has mastered tracks for the likes of Kanye West, Chicago, and Kiss.

You too can have your track mastered by these pros for as little as $75. And if you want the gold standard, you can get stem mastering for $150. If you’re in a rush, you can also pay a little extra for a 24-hour turnaround.

If you’re looking for tracks that sound as professional as Kanye’s, then you can’t go far wrong with Mercury Mastering.

Abbey Road Studios

Want to get your music mixed in the most famous recording studio in the world? Well you can, without even leaving your couch.

Abbey Road Studios have been responsible for recording the work of true icons such as Aretha Franklin, Pink Floyd, and of course, The Beatles. And they offer both online mixing and online mastering services, allowing you to have your tracks mixed and mastered in the very same studio as those musical giants.

Mixing starts from around $400, and you can get your song mastered from as little as $130. 

Diamond Roses Records

If you like the idea of your music being mixed and mastered in Europe, then Diamond Roses Records are another great choice.

They were one of the first studios to offer online music services and can offer the full package from composition to recording as well as mixing and mastering. They were rated the best mixing and mastering studio in Europe by Music Today magazine, with an incredible rating of 97 percent. This was higher than even Abbey Road achieved.

If you want to have your track both mixed and mastered by Diamond Roses Records, it will set you back $249 per song.


Computers are going to take over the world one day, and we welcome our robot overlords. Especially when they can master our music for us.

Landr is one of a new wave of sites offering online mastering that is done by AI. It analyzes your track’s style against a huge library of genres, then creates a unique set of processors to master your track. Finally, it uses machine learning to tweak the parameters until you have the perfectly mastered finished product.

Landr uses a subscription model; $4 a month will get you unlimited lo-mp3 masters and $9 a month includes unlimited hi-mp3 masters. Or you can opt for the pro subscription which is $25 a month and gives you unlimited masters including wav and HD wav formats.


Cloudbounce is another automatic AI mastering tool that works on a similar process to Landr.

It will master your track and then allow you to tweak a few settings to get it just how you want it. You can upload your track for free to hear the difference their mastering can make, and purchase the final master if you like what you hear.

One-off tracks can be bought for $4.90, or you can pay a subscription of $19.90 a month or $199.99 annually. 

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