Where to Buy Beats Online in 2019
Buying Beats Online 2019

Where to Buy Beats Online in 2019

I never wrote a blog post myself on this site, I try to focus on creating the beats and instrumentals which are available for sale / licensing on this website, so I outsourced the blog to a content marketing agency.

My name is Thomas Hodek, I’m the founder of Tellingbeatzz, I started making beats in 2008 and founded my brand officially in June 2011, ever since, I make a living of selling beats to recording artists through this website.

Since I’m an expert in this industry I really think I’m able to give you the best tips where you can buy your beats in 2019.

The Best Sites To Buy Beats in 2019


BeatStars is a marketplace for music producers and recording artists to sell and buy beats, I think the user base has exceeded the 1 million mark.

BeatStars is the most popular site in the beat selling industry, they provide producers with all tools necessary to license beats to recording artists, including customizable websites, which they call the Pro Page.

I think almost every relevant producer in this niche has a BeatStars profile and beats available on the platform.

You should consider buying your beats on BeatStars, but be aware of the fact that with a user base of more than 1 million people, it can take a while until you find a beat that fits your style and is worth investing in.

You can find my beats on BeatStars as well.


AirBit is another marketplace to buy and sell beats.

AirBit started out almost a decade ago with a flash player that gave producers the ability to sell beats by embedding the player on a website, the site was called myFlashStore back then.

A lot of producers used the player, primarily on SoundClick profiles, which was the most popular site to buy beats a long time ago.

AirBit offers its marketplace where you can find beats and they also provide producers with customizable websites, which they call the Infinity Store.

AirBit should definitely be on your list if you are looking to license beats and instrumentals but like BeatStars, there are a lot of fishes in the sea and this reduces the overall quality of the beats available on this platform.

I personally no longer use AirBit.


Well, you are right, you can’t buy beats on YouTube but every relevant producer in my niche started a YouTube channel and uploads beats on a regular basis, which means more potential beats for you.

YouTube should be on the marketing list of every producer that tries to sell their beats to recording artists and for a lot of producers it is.

If I would be a rapper or singer I would utilize YouTube by searching for an artist, followed by the synonym “Type Beat”. I.e. “J Cole Type Beat” or “Frank Ocean Type Beat” or whatever type of beat you are looking for.

Alternatively you can also search for “Piano Rap Beat 2019” etc.

Just be creative and I’m sure you’ll stumble upon a few great beat-makers, producers and channels.

My beats are available on YouTube as well.

Buy Straight From The Producer

What definitely should be on your list is buying beats straight from the website of a producer like myself.

I don’t like the fact that companies try to dominate and dictate a niche, even when I personally use BeatStars as well. I try to be as independent as possible and build my own authority inside the beat selling industry.

You should buy from a producer if it fits your style, every producer has a personal sound (like any musician) and if you resonate with the sound, you have found a pot of gold.


Overall you have 3 options to buy beats in 2019.

1. Marketplaces like BeatStars and AirBit

Pro: 100.000’s of beats available, which also means versatility.

Con: It can take a while until you find a producer that fits your style.

2. YouTube

Pro: 100.000’s of beats available, which also means versatility.

Con: It can take a while until you find a producer you resonate with.

3. From The Producer

Pro: Once you have found the right producer you have found your personal sound as well, the most important selling point of any musician.

Con: Less beats available.

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