Where You Can Find the Best Beats for Sale
Beats For Sale

Where You Can Find the Best Beats for Sale

Few have benefited more from the internet than musicians.

Being instantly connected lets artists promote music and engage fans effortlessly.

And those looking for collaborators can find them just as quickly, too.

If you’re a rapper or vocalist looking for beats for sale, there is no better place to find them than the internet. 

Back in the day, you needed a studio session and a producer to visit you, just so you could listen to their production. Now everything is different.

If you are getting going with your career as a rapper, it can take some time to work out what kind of beats you need.

You can just rap over classic rap beats. But having your style is a good thing, too.

You can have the best bars under the sun, but if the instrumental choice isn’t right, it will affect your music significantly.

If you’re already in the habit of buying instrumentals, doesn’t it make sense to buy the best quality beats that you can?

What Beats To Buy

First things first. When you are purchasing beats online, you need to look for something that really suits your style. This can be quite a drawn-out process, though.

You’ll find different options depending on your own taste and the platforms you go to to find beats. Below are listed the top sites to buy beats from at the moment.

After finding something you think will suit your rap style, you’ll need to take a look at the price. Depending on the state of your budget, this will dictate whether buying a beat is feasible.

With instrumentals, there are usually a few different pricing plans you can expect.

For a typical leasing contract you can expect to pay from anywhere between $20-$100. Exclusive instrumentals usually go from $500 plus.

Many producers online uphold similar terms in their music contracts. This will include having a limit on the matter of units sold by the artist.

It will also include having the producer credited on the song and maybe other factors.

Though non-exclusive leases are used for recording, you don’t own the instrumental. The producer still possesses copyright of the music. This means they can license it to anyone else until an exclusive license has been purchased.

When purchasing a beat make sure to study the terms of the contract. It may also be a good idea to have a lawyer that can enlighten you if there is something you do not understand.

As you listen to more instrumentals, you may find similarities within the music.

This doesn’t mean a producer isn’t good at creating instrumentals.

It’s more so because they’re following the sound of certain music trends. These are trends artists tend to have a liking for, but also a sound commonplace in hip hop beats.

You may find some producers; however, that is crafting a completely new sound.

It’s up to you to decide whether you are brave enough to try and create a new lane in music.

Where To Find Beats For Sale

Below we have detailed some of the premier sites to purchase instrumentals from.

Take a look at these and see which of them takes your fancy.


The website you are currently on. We license beats and instrumentals to recording artists for more than ten years and served more than 10.000 rappers, singer and songwriters across the globe with a catalog of more than 300 beats available, genres range from hip hop to soul, r&b, and LoFi. 

We have hands-on experiences with the websites below, and you can find our beats on some of the platforms as well.


SoundClick.com is one of the oldest sites for selling and buying instrumentals. It was established in 1997 and has been the birthplace of many producers’ careers.

Aside from amateur beatmakers, there are a wealth of veteran producers. Recently updated with a new design, Soundclick makes it easy to license music and beats.

Because of its age, it has a huge market. Specific features include free membership, unlimited song uploads and live music calendars.


Beatstars.com have quickly shot up the ranks as one of the best instrumental websites on the net. Their platform has been designed to make collaboration easy as possible.

Producers that join the site can upload music and efficiently monetize their content.

Vocalists using instrumentals can upload finished songs and do the same. The collaborative features make making money together particularly easy and effective.

Aside from great social features, Beatstars has slick navigation and great search functionalities. Artists and producers alike can look for music by mood, beats per minute, subgenre and more.


Although not explicitly made for instrumentals, YouTube is one of the best websites to find beats. There is, in fact, almost a subculture of producers that create instrumentals around ‘type beats.’

This allows artists to find instrumentals in a similar vein to that which they think their music is in.

YouTube also has a tremendous amount of choice and searching. Youtube’s smart algorithm is good at remembering searches, which comes in handy. Not only will it suggest types of beats in the search bar, but will also show recommended videos of beats.

This enables Youtube to cater to your recent searches. The sheer volume of visitors makes finding beats and uploading music very beneficial when it comes to this channel.


SoundCloud is another leading music site that has been around for a while. It initially found its lane in allowing artists and producers to promote and share songs very quickly.

Their playlist feature can make sorting beats and music catalogs very simple.

Like Youtube, the recommended song algorithm lets users find songs easily. The nature of SoundCloud also means that many artists have developed a strong fanbase early on, as it was created for those very much into music curation and discovery.

Find The Right Sound For You

Each of these platforms will attract certain types of music producers more than others. The easiest way to determine which of these is for you is to take note of how often you find instrumentals of your particular preference on a particular platform.

If you find you like one platform, keep digging to see if you can find more beats, and don’t force yourself onto other platforms that you aren’t a fan of.

Finding beats for your music can be a time-consuming process, but also fun at the same time and very worth it when you find the perfect beat.

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